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Self Publisher! #78

Self Publisher! Magazine from Ian Shires and Dimestore Productions was first serving small publishers in 1989, and has gone through many transformations and evolutions. Today, it continues to strive to present what is going on in the network, getting to know the people who make publications, and letting people know what to check out. This issue: Cover story interview with Alan Cole, Dave Welcher and Jose Loeri of Graphic Illusions Comics with Sneak Peek of their IV Armageddon, drawn by Luis Palacios!; Interviews with: Alex Thompson of Approbation Comics, and Kasey Quevedo; Articles: Douglas Owen’s A Written View, Mark Turner’s Fishbowl Chronicles, and Jennifer “scraps” Vanderbeek’s Repetition Sells; Extended Sneak Peek: Fleischer by Ed Gross and Leon Mckenzie.

Series:Indyfest Magazine

Publisher:Dimestore Productions

Author:Ian Shires

Genre: Comics News


Number of Pages:44

Release Date:2014-11-04