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Zein #3

Born in 14,000 B.C. to a powerful King, Zein represents an ancient dynasty of enlightenment and technological advancement. He and his twelve siblings were placed in special preservative capsules, allowing them to cheat death and annihilation during the 'Great Collision'. On the 'Eve of Re-Dawning' some five thousand years later, the royal siblings emerged with mysterious physiological alterations. Bitter and angry they all dispersed, roaming the ancient lands, leaving Zein all by himself. Full of determination to fulfil the wishes of his father, and aided by the powers of the Jewel of the River, he sets forth to rebuild the lost civilization. In modern times, post what came to be known as '55 Years War', and after enduring numerous lifetimes, confronting countless villains and amassing great wealth and vast knowledge, Zein still perseveres in his task of protecting the ancient lands and resurrecting the forgotten civilization of the fathers.


Publisher:AK Comics

Author:Dr Ayman Kandeel

Genre: Superhero , Sci Fi , Action


Number of Pages:26

Release Date:2014-04-01

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