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Sky Pirates of Valendor Vol.1 #5

It started as just a simple job. Tobin knows that all he needs to do is deliver one healer to South Gate. Yeah right! Easy has never been part of Tobin's life. Now he faces a blockade from the Temple Khorii. He's out gunned. He's out numbered. It's time to show this scabrous wag of a priest what it means to take on the storm! Sharpen up your swords. Load up the cannon, and brace yourself for a crash landing! It is time to join Tobin and his crew for this heart-stopping action-packed conclusion to the first chapter of Sky Pirates of Valendor!

Series:Sky Pirates of Valendor

Publisher:Jolly Rogue Studios

Author:Everett Soares

Genre: Fantasy , Steampunk


Number of Pages:37

Release Date:2012-03-16