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The Rabhas Incident #1

A mysterious virus that turns all its victims to feral and rabid cannibals has been released in Bangalore. Within a week, the entire city with its teeming populace is quarantined. Almost five weeks later, a lone secret agent is sent into the city as a last resort, to salvage some hope for a cure. Now in a once prosperous and modern Indian city, he must fight his way through to retrieve crucial information that could help prevent the virus from spreading. Along the way he fights with the now almost demonic populace as well as his own inner fears and demons He expects to find death, destruction and carnage, what he isn't expecting to find, is survivors.

Series:The Rabhas Incident

Publisher:Level 10 Comics

Author:Suhas Sundar

Genre: Action , Horror


Number of Pages:24

Release Date:2010-12-31