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Exilium #1

In the the not too distant future, the first official contact is made with extra terrestrial life forms. They arrive not as conquerors, but in need of refuge as they run from a superior foe. As they eventually settle on Earth, not all humans are happy to co-exist with them. Tensions grow and conflict arises. With the humanity deeply divided, a new threat reaches Earth. The very same threat that drove the alien refugees from their home planet, in search of a new one. Can the joint human/alien forces resist the onslaught? Who are these invaders? Can the humans overcome their deep divisions and unite against them? Find out as the story of Exilium unfolds.


Publisher:Cloud 9 Comix

Author:Ben Slabak

Genre: Sci fi , Action


Number of Pages:40

Release Date:2016-12-10

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