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Exilium #0.5

In the the late 21st century, the first official contact is made with extra terrestrial life forms. They arrive not as conquerors, but in need of refuge as they run from a superior foe. As they eventually settle on Earth, not all humans are happy to co-exist with them. Tensions grow and conflict arises. With the humanity deeply divided, a new threat reaches Earth. The very same threat that drove the alien refugees from their home planet, in search of a new one. Can the joint human/alien forces resist the onslaught? Who are these invaders? Can the humans overcome their deep divisions and unite against them? Find out as the story of Exilium unfolds.


Publisher:Cloud 9 Comix

Author:Ben Slabak

Genre: Sci fi , Action


Number of Pages:20

Release Date:2016-06-22

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