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Trail #3

Renowned 13th century world traveler Marco Polo witnessed many wonders on his journeys from Europe to China and back. One in particular, relating to the Biblical Three Kings, stands out. Now, five passionate individuals band together in an attempt to unravel the mystery left behind by Marco Polo, and protect what could be one of the greatest finds of all time, from falling into the wrong hands. Follow the adventures of the Trail team as they traverse the globe, while competing with sinister foes for the prize. Fans of Indiana Jones series are sure to enjoy this new action adventures series. In this issue: While Allie and Kai deal with the fallout of the heist they witnessed at the auction house in Paris, Tom and Mia follow the trail of Marco Polo to Sudak, while at the same time trying to figure out what happened to Karim. It is becoming apparent that a new foe has entered the fray, which spells trouble for the Trail team.


Publisher:Cloud 9 Comix

Author:Ben Slabak

Genre: Action , Adventure


Number of Pages:32

Release Date:2015-04-30