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The Mighty Titan #4

Imagine you had powers. Imagine that you can make a difference. Bullets bounce off you. You can fly around the world and back. Imagine more that no matter what happens, whatever challenges may rear their head, you and you alone have the power to stop it. Now imagine you were told you have cancer. How would you deal with it. The Mighty Titan is writer Joe Martino's attempt at wrapping his cancer experiences in a Superhero shell. In this issue: The Mighty Titan goes to the last person on earth that would want to help him. The villainous Trenchmouth! Find out why Trenchmouth hates Titan. Also, we learn more about where his amazing powers come from. Mark gets some good news and bad news about his cancer diagnosis.

Series:The Mighty Titan

Publisher:Red Anvil Comics

Author:Joe Martino

Genre: Superhero , Action


Number of Pages:22

Release Date:2015-01-17