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Aya #1 (Arabic)

Little Rania was traumatized when her father was shot in front of her eyes. To make matters worse, her mother was wrongly convicted of his murder and sentenced to life in prison. That was grounds for her tough nature and resolute character to fend off all evil, deciding to become a lawyer to defend the weak and innocent. Her determination and abilities attracted the attention of the mysterious 'Number Zero' who recruits he for his Underground crime fighting organization. She quickly mastered all forms of martial arts, forensics, disguise techniques and other various detective skills. Her reputation as a lethal crime fighting heroine spread all over the Middle East, and soon enough the mysterious persona became known as Aya, the Princess of Darkness. Post the '55 Years War', Aya roams the streets of the Middle East, usually using one of her advanced transportation vehicles, stopping crime dead in its tracks and striking the heart of corruption wherever it may exist.

Series:Aya (Arabic)

Publisher:AK Comics

Author:Dr Ayman Kandeel

Genre: Superhero , Sci Fi , Action


Number of Pages:24

Release Date:2013-11-14