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Rakan #1 (Arabic)

As a crippled child, Rakan witnessed a barbarian attack on his nomadic tribe. As he wondered helplessly in the desert, he encountered grave dangers, until he was eventually saved by a sabretooth. The beast practically raises Rakan, along with her own cub, Arameh. As the years go by, Rakan and Arameh bond together, and become the best of friends. In his teens, Rakan encounters an old mystical man, Sheikh Nasser, in an unknown oasis. The old man teaches Rakan the ancient secrets of Sheba which combine the use of martial arts with tolerance and wisdom. After years of training his body, mind and soul, Rakan finally becomes ready to face the world again. Rakan embarks on a continuous quest to fulfil his Master's dying wish: to find the whereabouts of the sheikh's kidnapped daughter, Reem, and to release her from captivity. Wielding the Sword of Majeedo, Rakan wanders the ancient lands searching for Reem. In doing so, he faces mortal armies, dark forces, wizards, monsters and dragons along the way!

Series:Rakan (Arabic)

Publisher:AK Comics

Author:Dr Ayman Kandeel

Genre: Fantasy , Adventure


Number of Pages:26

Release Date:2013-11-14