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The Realmscape Wars #1

It is said that the Crown of Seven Kingdoms had at one time unified the nations of Uth’Arius, however after the War of Three Worlds and the end of the Second Age the crown was lost and its kingdoms left in ruin. Now in the Third Age, a prophecy is spoken through whispered lips of a boy who would be King and through his rule unite the banners and bring peace back to the lands. But then again prophecies are just thoughts of one possible outcome. Other forces have been set into motion to see that the line-of-kings be severed and the flame of hope extinguished. Foul Demi-Gods and their followers gather in preparation while external- forces seek to manipulate the fates to their advantage, the forces of light once again rally-cry in an attempt to push back the veil of darkness.

Series:The Realmscape Wars

Publisher:Cloud 9 Comix

Author:Alex Dragojlovic

Genre: Fantasy


Number of Pages:25

Release Date:2013-09-30