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Sky Pirates of Valendor Vol.2 #4

These are dire times for the Royals of Valendor. A royal prince lies dying. An evil monarch has claimed ruling power in the Elven Empire. Join our crew as they divide and conquer. Gearz must honor the deal and help save the crown prince of Valen. Can she put aside her animosity towards Shyni to get the job done? Can Tobin keep from killing his estranged father long enough to see the right person is sitting on the Elven throne. Will Bryan ever get to use his new hammer? Welcome to the next chapter of Sky Pirates of Valendor! In Issue 2.4: In the city of Valen, the shadows have come to life and they march towards to the Royal Valen Palace. A small army of Night Razors have been commissioned to kill all the crown royals, but Gearz has a plan to stop them. Alongside her stands Shyni and Kirby Kingsman, all three of them are masters of a few nasty tricks. Will the six years of experiences help Gearz to stop this wave of blood and steel?

Series:Sky Pirates of Valendor

Publisher:Jolly Rogue Studios

Author:Everett Soares

Genre: Fantasy , Steampunk


Number of Pages:29

Release Date:2012-03-01