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Talon and Other Stories

Red Handed Studios Presents: Talon and Other Stories, a collection of short self-contained stories showcasing some of our most exciting new properties. This book has a little bit of something for everyone spanning several different genres as we shift from high action fantasy to science fiction western, from historical fiction to superhero slugfests. Join us for a ride through several different adventures and meet our unique and interesting characters along the way! Talon As Kings cower in castles, afraid to face the coming dawn a new hero comes in this time of great need. She shines as a light in the darkness, a beacon of hope rallying the last vestiges of mankind’s strength to buckle their armor, forge their shields, and once again raise their swords high. Her name is Talon, an impossibly courageous warrior as dangerous as she is beautiful. Her legend spreads as a whisper on the tongues of the oppressed, growing ever louder as it is retold from village to shire. The song of Talon will be sung far and wide, and justice will come to the rich and poor alike. Totem Totem is the story of Max, Amber, Tomas, Jean, and Natasha, five college age friends who discover what appear to be innocuous carvings on a dig in Egypt. They quickly learn the truth, that the carvings are part of a set of ancient animal totems which bestow great powers upon their bearers, but also come with a sometimes horrible price. The totems imbue their owners with lycanthropic abilities, enhanced strength, speed, and senses, but the more they use these newfound powers, the more they become like the animals they borrow their forms from. As the kids struggle with their lycanthropic abilities and the changes that the totems have begun to inflict upon their lives, an evil man named Draffan plots to take the totems for himself and gain access to the most powerful magic ever unleashed upon the world. Grace In 120 A. D. Emperor Hadrian’s Black Legion swept across Sarmatian lands, killing thousands in an attempt to quell growing unrest among the proud warrior descendants of the fabled Amazons and bring peace to a wounded Roman Empire. Grace Alexa was an 8 year old girl when the Legion came and murdered her entire family, mistaking her unconscious form for dead as they continued with their bloody quest. When she awoke, Grace swore a horrible oath on the graves of her entire tribe: She would avenge their deaths with the heads of every man in the Black Legion. Armed with her father’s broken axe and little else, Grace set out to fulfill her promise, no matter what the cost. EPIC/Dynagirl What happens when a teenage superhero whose only weakness is his libido teams up with America’s hottest supermom? Find out as EPIC joins forces with DYNAGIRL to take on the incomparable threat of INDESTRUCTOTRON! Dead Reckoning In the far future, where hundreds of colony worlds have been established across the galaxy, the law is often flexible at best, if it exists at all. Out on the frontier folks do the best they can to survive on harsh worlds with little assistance, and are easy targets for the various outlaws who follow no code, and kill as much for fun as profit. These outlaws fear no court or lawman, but they do fear a ruthless bounty hunter named Ellabeth Parker.