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Valendor Chronicles #1

Valendor Chronicles is a 56-page book, containing illustrated short stories and a prose story. Two of the stories in the book are illustrated by series penciler Brian Brinlee, while the others from guest artists. The book features a reprint of the short story that started the Sky Pirates saga, An Easy Prize. The other story illustrated by Brinlee, Letter of the Law, takes place in current time Valendor and involves some familiar faces. Blood Feud, the third story, is beautifully illustrated by Chris Ring. It is the first in a 3-part saga depicting the origins of the Dagger of Night first introduced in SPoV Issue 2. The fourth story, illustrated by David Woodward, is a light-hearted tale featuring two very familiar SPoV characters. The story is entitled Mouse and Cat and is a tribute to the Tom and Jerry property. The prose story in the book, Cloud Breaker, is a very special one. Based on a concept by Brian Brinlee, it tells the story of a different group of pirates living in Valendor. Cloud Breaker is written by Stephen Carr and is his first published writing. The excerpt is the first chapter in the ongoing story, set to appear in future issues of the Valendor Chronicles.

Series:Sky Pirates of Valendor

Publisher:Jolly Rogue Studios

Author:Everett Soares, Brian Brinlee

Genre: Fantasy , Steampunk


Number of Pages:56

Release Date:2012-05-01