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Old Soldiers #6

Old Soldiers is the story about five men during the last days of World War II who found their lives and their fates changed forever, five families bound together by those last terrifying, traumatic days. Over a half century later, those five families are drawn together again for the final time. Good and Evil, Black and White… sides are hard to determine when you're in the dark. Will the right side win? In issue #6: New York City is under Martial Law. General Maddox searches for the lost nuclear device as well as Karl Justice. Karl Justice, out for revenge, finally finds out where the nuke is. The Five all arrive in New York City, and the situation starts spiraling out of control as all the pieces are in place. Can they stop Justice? Can anybody?

Series:Old Soldiers

Publisher:Big House Comics

Author:Kevin Stone

Genre: Action , Suspense


Number of Pages:26

Release Date:2011-10-22