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Ban Sidekicked #1

Bruce Plain had been called many things, but "hero" was never one of them. Once content to sit around in his Grandma's basement eating cereal and watching vintage cartoons on satellite, Bruce's world was turned upside down one night when his Grandma, who worked as a security guard at the local cigarette packaging plant, was murdered by the infamous villain known only as The Smoker. Swearing vengeance, Bruce locks himself away for days, training himself so that he may eventually seek out The Smoker and put him away before he can harm another helpless old lady. Through a series of Tai-Bo home videos and countless karate-themed Youtube videos, Bruce dons the superhero persona that will eventually come to be known as Ban. In the first issue: What begins as another night hunting the infamous Smoker takes a bizarre turn when Ban is introduced to an obsessed fan who wants to be Ban's sidekick!

Series:Ban Sidekicked

Publisher:Rise Comics

Author:James Cooper

Genre: Action , Comedy


Number of Pages:28

Release Date:2010-11-30